Q&A: Invitation Wording: What if We Eloped?


My fiancé and I were originally planning a destination wedding in Greece, but now we’ve decided to whittle our guest list down to just the two of us and simply elope. Instead of a wedding overseas, we’d like to celebrate with a reception when we get back. How should we word our invitations so people know we’re already married?


No matter where you married, an invitation to a reception after you’ve already wed would read something like this: Lucy and Douglas Stone request the honor of your presence at a celebration of their marriage. (Followed, of course, by the date, time, location, and so on.) This example is assuming you’re hosting the wedding — if one or the other sets of parents are hosting, you’d adjust accordingly. Likewise, you could make the tone a bit less formal. And of course, one sure-fire way to let people know the deal — you could send a picture of your private ceremony (or your overjoyed “just married!” faces) with each invite.

Source: The Knot

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