Make Your Own Cascading Floral Centerpiece (With Kale!)

We promise: Kale is as beautiful in your centerpieces as it is healthy in your salads. Stylist and Tulipina Floral Design owner Kiana Underwood takes us through the steps to making a lush organic centerpiece that would fit in just right at your prewedding parties and reception. See the how-to below and find more photos here!

Make Your Own Cascading Floral Centerpiece (With Kale!)

Garden and climbing roses
Ornamental kale
Milk glass vessel
Pruning shears

Make Your Own Cascading Floral Centerpiece (With Kale!)

Make Your Own Cascading Floral Centerpiece (With Kale!)


Make Your Own Cascading Floral Centerpiece (With Kale!)

N.R. Underwood

1. To create a flowing floral centerpiece, start with a pedestal vase. Construct a base in the bowl of the vessel with ornamental kale. You’ll build the rest of the arrangement on top and around the kale.

Tip: Choose your vase after you pick your flowers so you can make sure they complement each other.

2. Create the asymmetry of the centerpiece by placing a taller hydrangea branch on the opposite side of the kale.

3. Add the climbing roses both underneath and above the hydrangea. Place a couple of kale stems in between the blooms.

4. Add the single roses to the arrangement. As you put flowers in the vase, take a step back to examine your arrangement and check that you’re placing flowers and foliage just where you need them.

Tip: Create your arrangement while looking in a mirror, so you can see all sides (as your guests will!).

5. Finally, add a single clematis bloom for color and texture.

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